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A full-featured tool to clean up all Google surfing traces and data garbage
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Useful as the wide range of Google products are, they also share that general tendency that urges browsers and Web searchers to gather and reuse information about their users’ preferences to improve their performance. However, as we can never be too sure about the real use that tools like Google may make of the pages we visit, the videos we watch or the music we listen to, GoogleClean offers to clean up all Google traces from your computer in a simple and convenient way.

Google traces can say a lot about your habits, your tastes, your preferences in fashion, food, and travel, and about the money you spend in all of them. True confidentiality is becoming rarer and rarer these days, and that is why a tool like GoogleClean may come in handy to all users of any Google product. Google may make a good use of all the data they gather, but there are also cyberpirates that know how to find that information and use it to their own benefit. GoogleClean will perform a series of monitoring and clean-up tasks to ensure that all spy features in the various Google products are turned off, that all existing traces are deleted, and that no new ones are left behind.

Some of these tasks can be performed manually by any user, such as the standard cookie cleanup that we all (should) perform periodically. Others are not as easy to identify, and there is where GoogleClean shines. It offers a long list of settings and recommendations that make sure that you won’t need to remember to delete all the cookies on your PC again. Actually, one of its most interesting features is the Google Radar, which monitors any new cookie or any other type of trace left behind by a Google product, and trashes it. That includes Super-Cookies (or Flash cookies), and any other surfing trace that Google or any other might use to your disadvantage.

It’ll take you a short while to go through the wide variety of security settings, cleaning options, toolbar security options, etc., but it is worth the effort. Once all options are set at your convenience, you may rest assured that all your secrets will remain secret for as long as you like. GoogleClean will keep an eye on whatever trace is left on your computer and will dispose of it in a completely automated and convenient way following your preferences.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Allows you to automate various manual cleaning procedures
  • Provides access to hidden spy features
  • Monitors and cleans up any new Google traces


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